The ACT Standing Committee on Health, Ageing and Community Services has announced that it is inquiring into the future sustainability of health funding in the ACT and has invited submissions to its inquiry. The Committee announced that it is undertaking the inquiry noting that the ACT Government expenditure on health is $1.63 billion in 2017-18, or 31 per cent of the ACT Budget – the largest proportion of expenditure compared to any other output.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Chris Steel MLA said “the Health budget makes up almost one third of total ACT Government expenditure – so it is important to take a close look at the sustainability of health expenditure, to ensure that the system is efficient and also delivering improved health outcomes for Canberrans.”  Mr Steel said the Inquiry will also look at the sustainability of the health system in servicing a growing population and a population that is growing older.

The Committee is particularly interested to receive submissions relating to the efficiency of current health financing; particularly examining the alignment of funding with the purpose of the ACT’s health services, including the provision of quality and accessible health care to patients when they need it and the relationship between hospital financing and primary, secondary and community care.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are available on the Committee’s website at,-ageing-and-community-services.

WCHM will be preparing a submission, which is due by due 1 February 2018.