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Transforming domestic violence support in the ACT (2015)

WCHM received an ACT Women’s Grant to undertake research into gaps in service provision for LGBTIQ people experiencing domestic violence in the ACT. While LGBTIQ people experience high rates of interpersonal violence, anecdotal reports suggest that domestic violence services are not always set up in ways that best support their needs. This project brought together ACT domestic violence service providers, … Read more

Cyber safety resource for older women in the ACT (2015)

WCHM received an ACT Government Participation (Senior’s) Grant to develop a resource to address the need for accessible and specific information on cyber safety for older women in the ACT (55+). Much of the available information about cyber safety is targeted at young people, which means that older women lack knowledge about cyber safety and are not fully aware of … Read more

Respectful Reporting on violence against Women: Guidelines for ACT Media (2014)

WCHM received funding in the 2013-14 ACT Women’s Grants round to develop a set of tools to support ACT media to report more accurately, appropriately and respectfully on violence against women. The project developed out of conversations hosted at the Partners in Prevention lunch 2012, at which a media table explored how they could contribute towards creating a community that … Read more

Anti-Poverty Week Research (2014)

ACT Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS) and WCHM released data during Anti-Poverty Week in October 2014 showing that—outside of public sector employment—the industries with growing employment opportunities in the ACT that do not require degree-level qualifications are those where women are significantly over-represented, have comparatively low (full-time) wages and part-time employment is the norm. This suggests that many workers struggle … Read more

ACT women’s financial literacy guides (2014)

Financial security is an important aspect of the health and wellbeing of women in the ACT and access to good information is crucial in maintaining independence and facilitating choice. Women have very different financial needs than men and require targeted life-stage financial advice, particularly when facing relationship changes such as separation, divorce, the death of a partner, illness etc. Women … Read more

Strong women, great city: A survey for ACT’s women with disabilities (2012)

Throughout 2011-2012 WCHM partnered with Women With Disabilities ACT (WWDACT) to run a survey for women with disabilities who live in the ACT. The survey was undertaken with two aims in mind: firstly, to complement existing disability data, and secondly, to highlight areas of need where data does not currently exist, particularly ACT specific data disaggregated by sex and … Read more

Public forum: Exploring sexual violence and institutionalisation in the ACT (2012)

In February 2012 WCHM, with a range of partner organisations, hosted a public forum exploring sexual violence and institutionalisation in the ACT. The forum was held at the National Library of Australia. The guest speakers were touching, articulate and knowledgeable, they included: Wilma, a Forgotten Australian, Kathy from the ACT Women And Prisons (WAP) Group, and Marianna, who has experienced … Read more

Women mental health consumer and carer consultation (2012)

In April 2012 the Women and Mental Health Working Group (WMHWG) held a consultation forum for women living with mental health issues or caring for someone with a mental health issue. The purpose of the consultation forum was to gather information about women’s views and experiences of mental health. The WMHWG and WCHM used the findings to influence the health … Read more

Second anniversary of the national apology to the Forgotten Australians (2011)

On November 16 2011 WCHM supported the Forgotten Australians to hold an event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of what was a very emotional and significant event—the Apology by the Australian Parliament to the Forgotten Australians. The event was also supported by Woden Community Services and the ACT Women And Prisons (WAP) group.

At 11am on Monday 16 November 2009, … Read more