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empower: Leadership training for multicultural and mature women (2011)

In 2011 WCHM received funding from the ACT Office for Women to deliver empower—a leadership training program tailored to the needs of older women and women from multicultural backgrounds.

empower aimed to give women from these groups the skills, knowledge, and confidence they needed in order to take up community leadership and decision-making positions. In particular, … Read more

Inclusion and awareness training for ACT women’s services (2011)

In 2011 WCHM received funding through an ACT Health Promotion grant to deliver a project in partnership with Advocacy for Inclusion and Women With Disabilities ACT. The project aimed to deliver four training sessions to ACT domestic violence services and disability sector organisations about the needs of women with disabilities escaping violence.

The need for this project emerged out of … Read more

Older women’s safety audits (2011)

In 2011 WCHM undertook a project with older women conducting several safety audits of public spaces around the ACT. The purpose of this project was to mobilise older women in the ACT to discuss their safety concerns and come up with ideas about how to make public spaces safer and thus more frequently used by older women. In developing the … Read more

Older women and social connectedness (2011)

In 2010 WCHM commissioned research to identify the issues associated with older women’s social connectedness and explore how these issues impact upon older women’s health and wellbeing.

The study involved a literature review, survey and two focus groups—one with women over 65 and one with service providers who have older women as clients. Overall, the participants highlighted that the opportunity … Read more

ACT women’s views about health and wellbeing information (2010)

This research aimed to explore the health and wellbeing information needs and seeking trends of different groups of ACT women. The data were gathered through two surveys, focus groups and a literature review and are presented in the report It goes with the Territory! ACT Women’s views about Health and Wellbeing Information, as well as six companion reports focussing … Read more

Access to the legal system for women with mental health issues (2010)

Throughout 2009-10 WCHM undertook research to document the experiences of women living with mental health issues accessing the legal system. The research was conducted via interviews with women in the ACT and then documented in a final research report Out of Reach—Women living with mental health issues in the ACT: What hinders their access to legal services in the ACTRead more

ACT wheelchair accessible taxi consortium (2010)

Poor transport opportunities for women with disabilities can contribute to social isolation. Many women with disabilities in the ACT rely heavily on Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) services because they are without private vehicles and cannot access public transport easily. Taxis are very important to women with disabilities’ social inclusion and to their active participation in the social and economic life … Read more

Stories from women with lived prison experience (2009)

This project explored the stories of six ACT women with a variety of lived prison experiences and eight service providers who regularly support women with lived prison experience. The stories are documented in the report Invisible Bars: The stories behind the stats. Institutionalisation continues in Australia today in the form of prisons, remand centres, youth detention centres, mental health … Read more

Women with disabilities accessing crisis services in the ACT (2009)

This project aimed to assist domestic violence/crisis services in the ACT to better support women with disabilities who are escaping domestic and family violence. The research was conducted through workshops with service providers as well as audits of services conducted by women with disabilities. The project was a collaboration between the Women’s Centre for Health Matters (WCHM), the Domestic Violence … Read more

Cultural awareness training (2009)

This was a unique project based on the lived experiences of the refugee women from the Southern Sudanese and Burmese Mon communities, who went on to deliver culture and gender-sensitive information to ACT service providers. The training gave ACT service providers an opportunity to listen to the lived experiences of women, and through this develop more culturally sensitive ways of … Read more