Graffiti near Callam Street in Woden

We need your help! Tell us what makes you feel unsafe in Woden and Tuggeranong town centres

Women’s Centre for Health Matters  knows from our previous work that women often feel unsafe in public spaces in the ACT. We are working with the Directorate of Environment, Planning and Sustainability to help make urban planning decisions that meet women’s needs. That is why we need your feedback about what makes you feel unsafe in public spaces in Woden … Read more

Woman in a business suit sitting at a table listening to two other women

Women’s insecure work forum

WCHM will hold a forum for women to talk about insecure work in the ACT on 31 August 2017. The information we receive from women at the forum will be included when WCHM appears at the hearings for the inquiry into insecure employment in the ACT by the Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Youth Affairs. We’ll also … Read more