View of the building at 1 Moore Street where ACT Women's Health Service is located

Women only health services in the ACT

Women’s Centre for Health Matters are conducting a short survey to better understand:

  1. ACT women’s knowledge of the ACT Women’s Health Service.
  2. Whether there are barriers to accessing ACT Women’s Health Service.
  3. What women value in a women-only health service.

The survey forms part of a larger consultation process that may be used to inform future projects and/or advocacy work … Read more

Improving Choices and Options: The views of ACT women about their sexual and reproductive health needs

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woman with fist in air

Improving Abortion Access in the ACT

WCHM was present in the ACT Legislative Assembly late on Wednesday 19 September 2018, when the Legislative Assembly debated the Health (Improving Abortion Access) Amendment Bill 2018 that had been introduced on 21 March 2018 by Caroline Le Couteur. The Assembly voted 15 to 4 in favour of an amendment that will allow appropriately trained GPs to prescribe medication for … Read more

Consent is key

Understanding consent

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Photo art of woman's stomach with red dots all over it

Expression in Photoart Workshop

An invitation for women with chronic disease to express themselves through photoart

Art is a creative and expressive medium

Art can explore ideas and feelings that are hidden or difficult to see.

Art can say things that cannot be said with words.

For these reasons, art can be a way to explore difficult experiences such as the impacts of chronic … Read more

ACT Violence Prevention Awards 2018

2018 Violence Prevention Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Violence Prevention awards.

The awards recognise projects, activities/and or individuals who are making significant contributions to the prevention of violence against women and children in the ACT.

If you know of an individual, project or activity that is contributing to this change, you can nominate them. Nominations close on 15 October 2018 and … Read more

WCHM presents Awards to 2 local health services

At it’s Annual General Meeting on 20 September, WCHM was pleased to present 2 awards for excellence in delivering women centred health services in the ACT to Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT and the Women’s Health Service. These awards were based on the feedback received by WCHM in our surveys of ACT women about local services that they value.… Read more