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New Report from WCHM

On 11 April WCHM will be releasing our newest report – The stories of ACT women in prison: 10 years after the opening of the AMC. 

This report comes 10 years after WCHM published Invisible Bars: The Stories Behind The Stats in 2009, which aimed to provide insights into the impact that imprisonment and institutionalisation has on women.

Since that time, there has been a growth in the numbers of women in prison, both in the ACT and nationally. As with women in the general population, women in prison have significant differences in their life experience and needs as a result of their gender.

So this new report is not about the prison, and does not have recommendations for future work. Rather, in the tenth year of the AMC, WCHM wanted to share the experiences of women in the AMC to ensure a better understanding in the ACT of them as real women with families and complex backgrounds, not the stereotypes often portrayed in the media.

We are grateful to the 11 women who shared shared their stories with WCHM – their history and the experiences that led to their imprisonment, but also their hopes for the future.