Women’s health advice from Jean Hailes

Contraception Misconception

As we get older, we can laugh at some of the ‘urban myths’ about pregnancy that we believed as young girls. Toilet seats and public pools were often decried as being not only responsible for harbouring sexually transmissible infections, but unwanted sperm.

Of course, neither are true. But do you know which of these statements is true?

  • you can’t get pregnant during your period
  • breastfeeding protects you from pregnancy
  • the withdrawal method is effective.

If you said ‘none’, you’re correct. Yet many women today still believe one or all of these are true. What is true is that if you are sexually active, you need to use a reliable form of contraception and continue to use it for 1-2 years after menopause. However, with such a wide range of choice of contraceptives on the market, it can be hard to choose which type to use.

So we asked Jean Hailes specialist women’s health GP, Dr Amanda Newman, about some common contraception misconceptions. Read more here.

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