Playback theatre event: Rethink man woman (2012)

In October 2012, WCHM partnered with local transgender and intersex support organisation A Gender Agenda to host an event at the Street Theatre for Mental Health Week. The aim was partly to highlight the disproportionate rates of mental illness experienced by transgender and intersex people, but also to bring diverse members of ACT’s community together to have conversations about gender … Read more

Sex health and your life information session for women 40+ (2012)

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2012, WCHM, with the Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) and ACT Health Directorate, co-hosted two extremely well attended information forums providing holistic information about Sex, health and your life: What women 40+ should know. Speakers included physiotherapist and fitness instructor for Physical Best Lisa Westlake, who explained … Read more

WCHM ASSURED: Guide to searching for health and wellbeing information online (2012)

The Internet has become a popular and influential source of health and wellbeing information, but it is not always easy to know if the information you access is credible or trustworthy. WCHM ASSURED offers a website review process that will help you to quickly assess the credibility and trustworthiness of the health and wellbeing information you find online, assisting you … Read more