Living with endometriosis information session (2014)

WCHM supported the Canberra Endometriosis Network by hosting an information night exploring the impacts of living with the illness endometriosis on Tuesday 26 August 2014. Attendees heard from endometriosis researcher Maryam Moradi, Dr Omar Adham and Melissa Parker from the Canberra Endometriosis Centre, and Katie Williams, member of the Canberra Endometriosis Network. These speakers addressed the questions: What are the … Read more

Women’s health at every stage information session (2014)

As part of our International Women’s Day celebrations for 2014, the WCHM team collaborated with the ACT Women’s Health Service and the ACT Health Directorate to host a free, day-long information session called Women’s Health at every Stage! As women age, changes in our life impact on our health and our needs change—some things are welcome, and some not so … Read more

ACT women’s financial literacy guides (2014)

Financial security is an important aspect of the health and wellbeing of women in the ACT and access to good information is crucial in maintaining independence and facilitating choice. Women have very different financial needs than men and require targeted life-stage financial advice, particularly when facing relationship changes such as separation, divorce, the death of a partner, illness etc. Women … Read more