2018 Pamela Denoon Lecture – ‘Time’s up on sexual harassment’

In light of current debates the 2018 Pamela Denoon Lecture ‘Time’s up on sexual harassment’ will be given by Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins.

The #MeToo campaign has gone viral and sexual harassment is in the news almost daily. We are witnessing a growing awareness of the magnitude of violence against women. The Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins is charged with turning this new awareness into lasting social change.

Kate Jenkins looking at camera and smiling

Ms Jenkins’ lecture will focus on the recent report into sexual harassment and assault at Australian Universities. She will discuss the findings, the proposed strategies, and the response to the report. Drawing on the Commission’s work in the workplace in preventing and responding to sexual harassment, the Commissioner will explore the barriers to change, and what we can all be doing to take this issue forward.

When: 7 pm – Monday 5th March

Where: Coombs Lecture Theatre, Building 8A, Fellows Road , Australian National University

Register to attend – entry by donation