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 WCHM consultations with ACT women in 2019

  • Conducted a community consultation survey with ACT women about the changes to ACT’s bus routes, and how this had affected women and their feelings of safety
  • Conducted a community consultation survey on the health and wellbeing of older ACT women
  • Conducted a community consultation survey and focus groups on the health and wellbeing of same sex attracted women
  • Conducted consultations with women in the AMC to inform a submission from them to the healthy Prison Review
  • Conducted a consultation with community services to inform a submission to the Healthy Prison Review.
  • Consulted with women in the AMC about their health and wellbeing, and their use of health services
  • Conducted several consultations with vulnerable ACT women about the Women’s Health Service
  • Conducted several consultations for ACT Health with women and service providers about the proposed changes to ACT’s maternity services
  • Organised a consultation for ACT Health with women about the Birth Centre at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
  • Consulted with ACT women about their views on the value of women only health services in the ACT and the Women’s Health Service
  • Hosted a local consultation to inform the National Obesity Strategy

WCHM use of gender based data in 2019

  • Conducted an analysis of gendered data as part of a codesign project with the Office for Women to inform the ACT Women’s Summit
  • Explored the available data on young women’s mental health and wellbeing in the ACT to inform a report
  • Explored the risk of disadvantage for women with an equivalised household income of $52,000 to $103,999 per year using NATSEM gender based data



WCHM launched 10 new reports

 WCHM submissions

  • Submission to the Standing Committee on Health, Ageing and Community Services: Inquiry into Maternity Services in the ACT
  • 3 Submissions to the ACT Healthy Prison Review (WCHM, Women in the AMC, and for women’s services)
  • Submission to the National Women’s Health Strategy
  • Appeared before the public hearing for the Health, Ageing and Community Services Inquiry into Maternity Services



 WCHM participated in Government consultations

  • Represented the issues for ACT women in the AMC at a Ministerial Roundtable
  • Participated in the ACT Women’s Summit
  • Participated in a Justice Housing Program ACT Community Roundtable
  • Participated in a Ministerial Workshop on Reducing Recidivism in the ACT by 25% by 2025
  • Participated in a Roundtable on the ACT Wellbeing Indicators

WCHM represented the views of ACT women on many advisory bodies, reference groups and working groups

  • ACT Domestic Violence Prevention Council
  • the Core Design Group for the Family Safety Hub
  • the Capital Health Network’s Community Advisory Council
  • a Reference Group to inform the development of an ACT Women’s Offender Framework
  • the First 1000 Days Reference Group
  • Children and young people experiences of DFV project Steering Group
  • the ACTCOSS Peaks group
  • the ACT Justice Reform Group
  • the Maternity Design Working Group for Canberra Hospital for Women and Children Expansion Project
  • the Canberra Health Services Strengthening Health Responses to Family Violence Steering Committee

WCHM advocacy and lobbying

  • Engaged the ACT Health and Wellbeing Minister, the Minister for Women, the Minister for Corrections, the Minister for Transport and other MLAs
  • Used the findings from the research into sexual and reproductive health to influence improved responses to the provision of termination of pregnancy in ACT
  • Contributed to the codesign project for the ACT Women’s Summit and Women’s Plan
  • Used the information from ACT women in the AMC to influence changes in the AMC delivery of services and responses for women
  • Used the findings from the bus top safety research to inform ACT Transport and Ministers 



 WCHM information provision and online support for ACT women

 Health promotion events and information

  • Used Facebook to provide regular and up-to-date information on women’s health and wellbeing in the ACT and to raise awareness about issues relating to women’s health and wellbeing
  • Developed articles for social media during BPD Awareness Week,Mental Health Month and Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Week
  • Facilitated health promotion information sessions for women in the AMC
  • Held a Women’s Health Week event with the women in the AMC
  • Held a Women’s Health Week event at WCHM at which Tara Cheyne MLA spoke about her experiences and the importance of reducing stigma around sexually transmitted infections