Empowering women to enhance their health and wellbeing.


Women can choose and access responsive, women-focussed health and wellbeing services.


  • We believe that women’s health and ability to live healthy lifestyles is affected by social and economic factors known as the social determinants of health
  • We recognise that women are their own experts within their own lives
  • We respect and value the strength and diversity of women
  • We believe that women have the potential and right to manage their health and wellbeing
  • We believe in the principles of access, equity and equal opportunity
  • We develop cooperative and collaborative partnerships
  • We respect and support women’s right to information and choice

Our Work is Based On

  • Promotion of women’s health and wellbeing
  • Gendered analysis
  • Proven data and information based on fact
  • Advocacy, influence and systems change
  • Community development and capacity building
  • Continuous learning and knowledge development
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Identified unmet needs
  • Holistic and inclusive approaches

WCHM Strategic Plan

The WCHM Strategic Plan focuses on five key areas of work for 2016-20 which will further our work in supporting and assisting women in the ACT to make informed health and wellbeing choices, and to assist health services and policy to better meet women’s needs. The Strategic Plan outlines the intended outcomes for each area of work, and the strategies to achieve them over that period.

There is a significant program of work, which will only be achieved through collaboration and effective partnering; and by prioritising what WCHM does and what we cease to do. It is intended that the Plan, whilst remaining faithful to the intended outcomes, is flexible in terms of varying strategies, actions and timelines in order to best respond to new knowledge and a dynamic environment.

WCHM Strategic Plan 2016-20

WCHM Constitution

WCHM Constitution

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