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ACT Health’s Healthy and Active Living Strategy

Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris, has provided an update on the development of the Healthy and Active Living Strategy for Canberra.

There is a focus on preventive health, expanding on the  Healthy Weight Initiative.

University of Canberra will receive funding for a concept proposal to develop a centre of excellence in preventive health. The Minister says this centre of excellence “will be a ‘living lab’ to test new approaches to health and wellbeing in real world settings and harness Canberra’s collective research capability”.

The CBR Innovation Network is also working with its community to develop innovative projects that build industry around health living in Canberra.

Australian National University will be funded to look at lack of time as a key barrier to making healthy behaviour changes. They will review literature and explore how time barriers can be considered in developing government policy.

University of NSW will produce a background paper on the effect of social inclusion on mental and physical health and wellbeing, factors that promote resilience, predictors of resilience in the ACT context, and define what community wellbeing is and how it can be measured.

ACT Council of Social Services will provide a fact sheet and information on the affordability and consumption of healthy food in low income households in the ACT, and ways to improve food security.

Australian Health Policy Collaboration will research the use of economic levers to improve community health and wellbeing, how economic growth impacts determinants of health, and ways to reduce financial insecurity.

Collaboration for Impact will produce a briefing document on the rationale for a collaborative, whole-systems approach to the Healthy and Active Living Strategy, and a systems-based approach to complex social issues. It will include examples of successful collaborative approaches at the population level in healthy living or obesity prevention.

OPF Consulting will review key messages relating to healthy and active living and review best practice approaches from other geographic areas. The project will develop branding for healthy and active living in Canberra that can be used across government, local business, and the community. It will also engage stakeholders and the community in a communication strategy.

Key elements of the Healthy and Active Living Strategy approach

Summary of current projects – Healthy and Active Living