ACT housing policy consortium

WCHM regularly monitors the results of changes to policy and funding for housing/homelessness crisis services and their impact on women, and works with ACT women and service providers to consider how to capture data and identify evidence of the issues for and impacts on women in relation to their housing needs.

Part of this role includes participating in a housing policy consortium with ACT Shelter, the ACT Council of Social Service, and the ACT Youth Coalition, which aims to conduct research projects to inform the ACT Government on issues and options that will:

  • Meet demand for affordable housing in the bottom two income quintiles
  • Reduce the number of people in Canberra who do not have a home to call their own
  • Pool funds from across portfolios to maximise prevention of and early intervention in homelessness, reduce demand for crisis services, facilitate prompt access to and maintenance of stable, affordable, appropriate housing for people who have been homeless
  • Ensure housing and homelessness support services can respond effectively to meet current and emerging needs