ACT women’s financial literacy guides (2014)

Financial security is an important aspect of the health and wellbeing of women in the ACT and access to good information is crucial in maintaining independence and facilitating choice. Women have very different financial needs than men and require targeted life-stage financial advice, particularly when facing relationship changes such as separation, divorce, the death of a partner, illness etc. Women going through significant life changes are particularly vulnerable when dealing with their future financial security. During these often emotional times it is important for women to receive accurate, unbiased and simple advice to inform their future financial wellbeing.

In order to provide individual women with information to make sensible and informed choices about their future at those stages, and to provide local information tailored to their particular needs, WCHM in collaboration with Care Inc. Financial Counselling Service, used funding from the ACT Women’s Grants to research and develop appropriate and relevant resources to improve access to the financial literacy of specific marginalised groups of women in the ACT and region. You can access Financial Resources for Women here.