women sitting around round tables taking notes

WCHM CEO Marcia Williams and Deputy CEO Emma Davidson attended the ACT Women’s Summit held on October 14th. The ACT Women’s Summit brought together a wide range of community and government stakeholders to recommend actions for the Second Action Plan (SAP) under the ACT Women’s Plan 2016-26.  The five focus areas for the SAP were:

  • improving the mental health and wellbeing of women and girls in the ACT;
  • fostering gender equity in Canberra workplaces, including through improved gender equality in leadership and workplace participation;
  • developing appropriate and accessible services, programs and policies for women and girls, ensuring consideration of those from diverse backgrounds;
  • building a community where women and girls are safe and supported to participate; and
  • improving housing support and sustainability and reducing homelessness for women.

The Summit was informed by a Discussion Paper which included information on what is already in place for women and girls in the ACT, as well as data, research and feedback from preious consultation on each of the five focus areas.

The data and research that informed the development of the Discussion Paper included a Contextual Analysis which WCHM’s Deputy CEO, Emma Davidson, contributed to as part of a team including the Office for Women, YWCA Canberra and ACTCOSS.

The Summit Discussion Paper and a Summary of the Context Analysis are available here.

The Office for Women is seeking your feedback on the findings of the Discussion Paper, through a consultation process on YourSay that ends on Thursday 7 November 2019.

After the event, Marcia was interviewed by ABC Drive radio host Anna Vidot.