ACT women’s views about health and wellbeing information (2010)

This research aimed to explore the health and wellbeing information needs and seeking trends of different groups of ACT women. The data were gathered through two surveys, focus groups and a literature review and are presented in the report It goes with the Territory! ACT Women’s views about Health and Wellbeing Information, as well as six companion reports focussing on the following population groups: young women; older women; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women; women of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds; women who are mental health carers; and women with disabilities. The report presents ACT women’s views on the quality and reliability of different sources of health and wellbeing information and documents the ways in which (different groups of) ACT women prefer to access health and wellbeing information; the barriers they face in accessing and obtaining the information they need; and the gaps in current health and wellbeing information.