The Centre held it’s Annual General Meeting on 21st September, and this was preceded by a showcase from staff about the various projects and initiatives that WCHM is undertaking.

This year at the AGM, WCHM farewelled several members of the WCHM Board who were resigning from the Board at the AGM:

  • Lynnere Gray who has been our Treasurer since September 2014;
  • Lauren Gale who began as a Trainee Board member in April 2011, was appointed to the Board in September 2011, and held the Chair position from October 2012-15;
  • Renee Toy who also began as a Trainee Board member in May 2013, was appointed to the Board in September 2013 and held the Deputy Chair position during 2015-16;
  • Alyssa Shaw who began as a Trainee in 2015 and was appointed to the Board in 2016; and
  • Our Board Chair, Anita Krikowa, who did not renominate for her Board position.

WCHM thanks them for their contributions and commitment and their combined leadership has helped to ensure the Centre is well placed for the future.

At the AGM we welcomed 6 new Board members to the vacant Board positions: Cassandra Gandolfo, Marija Gutesa, Kathleen McLaughlin, Nicole Mitchell, Jo Schumann; and Lori Rubenstein. They are a diverse range of women with a diverse range of skills, and a passion for the organisation and it’s goals, and we look forward to working with them. You can find out more about them on our website: click here.

You can also read WCHM’s Annual Report for 2016-17. The Annual Report is the record of our achievements against our Strategic Plan over the previous year.