Australian Philanthropy Award

The Australian Philanthropy Awards recognises partnerships between philanthropy and non-profits and honour the achievements of those working to create lasting, positive change and impact in the community.

The 2018 Awards event was held on 26 July at the Sydney Opera House, and WCHM’s CEO and Mirjana Wilson, CEO of Domestic Violence Crisis Service attended and were delighted with the announcement that the Snow Foundation and Women’s Centre for Health Matters were the recipients of the Best Small Grant Award in this year’s Australian Philanthropy Awards – for the Assistance Beyond Crisis scheme.  The award was accepted on behalf of the many people involved in developing this microfinance facility.  The Award recognised that having impact and affecting social change does not always involve large amounts of funding.

The ABC was based on research and took over 2 years to develop, and the Women’s Centre for Health Matters and the Domestic Violence Crisis Service worked with The Snow Foundation, Deloitte, Ernst and Young and others and together with many others, developed a response for locals who have escaped domestic violence situations and stabilised their situation, but who have immediate financial needs, and are unable to access appropriate assistance because their assets or income levels deem them ineligible for government crisis support – the ‘missing middle.  Launched at Brindabella Business Park on 20 June in 2017, the Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC) micro finance facility, provides local support in the form of one-off, no interest loans, to provide some stability financially for short term one-off needs.