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‘Life with Endometriosis’ Art Photography

Unfortunately, as I entered my forties, my periods were often accompanied by painful cramps and heavy bleeding resulting in chronic anaemia. A diagnosis of fibroids culminated in an operation to stop my bleeding.

These experiences, inspired me to create woman art photography that celebrates womanhood; especially exploring the taboos and myths surrounding that most defining experience, menstruation. Then I heard … Read more

Business and industry engagement on domestic violence

Business and industry engagement on domestic violence

Women in the ACT often encounter extreme stress, and risk tipping into homelessness or experiencing financial hardship on leaving a violent relationship.  Many women are forced into a position where returning to an abusive relationship seems like the best option for themselves and their children. Business and industry play a vital role in … Read more

WCHM Quarterly March 2016

It would seem 2016 is off to a flying start. WCHM has been busy this quarter with a range of activities, much of which has been focussed on celebrations for International Women’s Day 2016. However, 2016 is also an election year for Australia and the ACT. In this quarterly we are looking at affordable and accessible housing as this is … Read more

ACT housing policy consortium

WCHM regularly monitors the results of changes to policy and funding for housing/homelessness crisis services and their impact on women, and works with ACT women and service providers to consider how to capture data and identify evidence of the issues for and impacts on women in relation to their housing needs.

Part of this role includes participating in a housing … Read more

Young women with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT

This is a scoping project to help identify the degree to which information, services and support are relevant to younger women living with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT and whether there is a need for further research.

This project aims to gather insight and understanding into:

  • Young women’s knowledge and experience of pre-existing local programs, courses and services which are

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LGBTIQ FDV resource development (2016)

LGBTIQ FDV resource development

In September 2015 WCHM released a report entitled Transforming domestic violence support in the ACT: improving accessibility for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) clients. We aimed to address some of the recommendations from this report by producing resources aimed at increasing awareness and understanding in the ACT about family and domestic violence … Read more

Summer of Respect presents ‘The Hunting Ground’ public screening and panel discussion (2016)

WCHM and the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, as part of the Summer of Respect campaign 2015/2016, presented a screening of The Hunting Ground followed by a panel discussion of local experts.

The Hunting Ground (103mins, 2015, USA)

THE HUNTING GROUND is a critically acclaimed feature documentary that chronicles the personal stories of students who have been sexually assaulted on American … Read more

Understanding Destructive Behaviour Part 1: The Fast Pace of Life

Warning: This post could trigger emotions or feelings that you may not expect. If you need to access support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 to talk to someone.

There are much different destructive behaviour’s in life these days, binge drinking, drugs, excessive eating, under eating, over spending, gambling, sex, smoking and the list goes on.

My question is … Read more

Running Through My Doubts

Have you ever doubted your ability to achieve something that is important to you?

It might be getting the perfect job or settling into a new city. Like everyone I have those doubts too. They might not be big achievements like I mentioned, hell most of the time I am just happy to get my kids to school on time, … Read more