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Working with women in the AMC

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WCHM is aiming to improve the wellbeing of women in the Alexander Machonochie Centre (AMC) and their transitioning back into the ACT community by working with the women to seek their input and get a better understanding of their needs. We want to assist the women with lived experience in the AMC to contribute their views on issues affecting them … Read more

What makes public spaces safer for ACT women?

WCHM knows from our previous work that perceptions of personal safety can influence the extent to which some people in the ACT – especially women – use public places and spaces, preventing them from fully participating in the community.

For example, to ensure that women’s views were taken into account about the safety of ACT public spaces (and public events), … Read more

Friday – Women’s experiences of mental health

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Gender-based differences may emerge from biological, psychosocial, or more external factors. The latter refers to the cultural, social, economic, and political processes that ultimately lead to differing mental health risks between women and men. Biomedical factors alone do not determine health inequalities, rather, the presence and interaction of social determinants can influence vulnerabilities and resilience to mental health problems.

The … Read more

Thursday – Menopause and depression

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Menopause usually begins around the age of 50 occurring 12 months after a woman’s last menstrual period. The menopausal transition, and more specifically perimenopause, is when the body’s production of oestrogen and progesterone slows bringing on hormonal fluctuations that can have adverse effects on women’s mental health with some women more at risk to these changes than others. The mood … Read more

Council of Australian Governments’ National Summit on Reducing Violence against Women 

The Council of Australian Governments’ National Summit on Reducing Violence against Women, will take place on 2-3 October 2018 in Adelaide.  WCHM’s CEO, Marcia Williams, contributed to 2 local ACT consultations about the Plan, and is pleased to have received an invitation to the Summit as an Australian Capital Territory delegate.  The Summit will be an important opportunity to progress … Read more

Consultation about the Birth Centre at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children

The Birth Centre at the Centenary Hospital for Women aims to facilitates natural birth for women who don’t have any medical or other complications that might require regular medical input into their pregnancy and birth.  ACT Health is undertaking a consultation with women to understand how well known and valued the Birth Centre is, and to hear women’s ideas for … Read more