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Submission on draft Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2018

Caroline Le Couteur, MLA invited WCHM to provide a submission on the draft Crimes (Consent) Amendment Bill 2018.

The Bill aims to change the definition of sexual consent in the ACT to requiring free and voluntary affirmative consent, consistent with other Australian jurisdictions.

The draft Bill and its Explanatory Statement, and a discussion paper from Caroline Le Couteur’s … Read more

Submission on Housing Choices

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate are conducting a Housing Choices consultation. The end result, from late 2018 through to September 2020, will be the planning, design and construction of demonstration housing projects in Canberra.

WCHM’s submission to the consultation included suggestions and views from women who attended forums during 2017, as well as community sector organisations who attended … Read more

WCHM at the National Multicultural Festival

This year’s National Multicultural Festival from 16 to 18 February 2017 included a women’s health information stall on Sunday 18 February, hosted by WCHM. While we haven’t yet seen reports of how many people attended this year’s festival, there were more than 280,000 attendees over three days at the 2017 National Multicultural Festival.

We organised the stall three weeks before … Read more

University of Canberra Hospital: Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation, Recovery and Research

On Monday 19 February 2018 WCHM’s CEO joined the ACT Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris, at an event on site at Canberra’s newest hospital. The University of Canberra Hospital is a specialist rehabilitation, recovery and research centre. It will offer physical and mental health services by referral, including tailored inpatient and outpatient programs.

New hospital room

Other attendees included representatives from … Read more

ACT Health consultation on Community Based Health Services

WCHM’s CEO and Deputy CEO attended an ACT Health facilitated ‘World Café’ style consultative planning day for Community Based Health Services on Wednesday 21 February 2018. The location is to be advised.

The purpose of the day was to develop a Service Delivery Model for Community Based Health Services (CBHS) into the future – ie what health services can and … Read more

New Victims of Crime Commissioner appointed

Heidi Yates

WCHM welcomed the news on 16th February that Ms Heidi Yates has been appointed the ACT’s new Victims of Crime Commissioner. Heidi is presently the Head of General Practice at Legal Aid ACT and has held a number of roles focused on the delivery of essential services to victims of crime in the territory, particularly those subjected to family violence, … Read more

How the ‘child penalty’ matters for domestic and family violence (and what we can do about it)

The ‘gender pay gap’ is a major contributor to conditions that enable and perpetuate domestic and family violence. That women on average earn much less than men increases their vulnerability to financial abuse, makes it difficult for them to leave violent relationships, and leaves them much worse off financially if they do leave. Recent research suggests that it’s the … Read more