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Birth Dignity Survey 2020

Women have different hopes and fears concerning pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. These are shaped by individual experiences as well as their social and cultural background, and the care they received. The principle of human dignity is particularly relevant in the maternity context, where women are often vulnerable, both physically and emotionally.  The quality maternity care services treat women … Read more

ACT Health LGBTIQ+ Health Survey

As part of the LGBTIQ+ Health Scoping Study currently underway at the ACT Health Directorate, a community Survey is being undertaken. This Survey will allow ACT Health to better understand the needs, priorities and potential barriers to the LGBTIQ+ community when accessing public health care.

If you’re an LGBTIQ+ identifying person who utilises health services in the ACT, or you … Read more

Now open! Young Women Enrichment Grants

The Enrichment Grants provide young women aged 12 to 18 years with an opportunity to receive support to develop a project that will assist them to achieve their goals. Funding can contribute to costs such as equipment, forums, courses, and travel expenses to activities.

Young women aged between 12 and 18, residents of the ACT or undertaking education in the … Read more

Women’s Health Advice from Jean Hailes

National not-for-profit organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has launched one of Australia’s biggest surveys on women’s health. The National Women’s Health Survey aims to understand the health behaviours and health information needs of women in Australia.  This year they have added some questions on how the recent bushfires and COVID-19 (the coronavirus) may have affected women and their health.… Read more


The final report from our analysis of our COVID survey of ACT women is almost fully complete and ready to be launched. And WCHM has been invited to appear as a witness in the virtual public hearing by the ACT’s Select Committee on the Covid-19 Pandemic Response on Thursday 9 July 2020 to share the results.  We were also pleased … Read more

Coming out of COVID

A new report by the Grattan Institute highlights that reopening shops, schools, and workplaces heightens the risk of new infections, especially if people think the threat is over and ignore social distancing rules. And that workplaces are particularly high risk and should be re-opened slowly, with as many people as possible continuing to work from home to minimise the potential … Read more