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New Leadership in ACT Health – UPDATE

Recently appointed CEO of Canberra Hospital and Health Services, Janet Anderson PSM, has resigned her position after three days. She was to start in her position on October 1st. In the interim, there is a deputy director-general for Canberra Hospital and Health Services. More information regarding a recruitment for the Chief Executive Officer role will be forthcoming. For more information, … Read more

Women’s Centre for Health Matters Board vacancies

WCHM currently has some vacancies on its Board, and we are keen to hear from interested Women. If you are interested in nominating for a Board position you will need to complete the below Nomination Form and attach a brief biography about yourself and return it via e-mail to admin@wchm.org.au  by COB Friday 13th September – NEXT THURSDAY.

Board Nomination Read more

WCHM’s Recent Involvement in Consultations

WCHM has attended the following recent consultations to ensure they pick up the needs of ACT women.

ACT Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan Forum – ACT Health and the Capital Health Network (ACT PHN) are developing an ACT Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan, to align with the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. As … Read more

Women’s health advice from Jean Hailes

How to bring your A-game to your frame (Published with the permission of Jean Hailes for Women’s Health)

What exercise or physical activity is best for bone health? You may have heard of the term ‘weight-bearing exercise’, but what does the term actually mean? And how do you get the most bang for your ‘exercise buck’ when it comes … Read more

Australian women to launch class action over failed Essure contraceptive device

Dozens of Australian women have signed up to be part of a class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical company Bayer, the makers of Essure, a contraceptive metal device inserted into the fallopian tubes.

Essure is marketed as a permanent contraceptive system that allows the user to avoid the need for surgical intervention required by tubal ligation. However, women using the device … Read more

New ANROWS research released

The forgotten victims: Prisoner experience of victimisation and engagement with the criminal justice system 

Many women in prison have experienced intimate partner violence. As this form of violence is often intergenerational and entrenched, women in prison are widely considered to be at particular risk of ongoing victimisation following release from custody. And yet, their support needs often go unrecognised, and … Read more

First ACT Aboriginal Magistrate appointed

WCHM was pleased to hear that Ms Louise Taylor, currently the deputy chief executive of the ACT Legal Aid Commission, has been appointed as Magistrate in the Magistrates Court. With her experience as a criminal lawyer, a prosecutor in the offices of both the Commonwealth and the ACT Directorates of Public Prosecutions and as head of the criminal law practice … Read more

WCHM work updates

WCHM staff have been involved representing the issues for ACT women in several face to face workshops including:

  • a Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan Consultation Forum;
  • a Family Safety Hub design workshop in relation to reducing stigma in seeking help for domestic violence during pregnancy and after childbirth; and
  • two Commonwealth and ACT Government Consultations to develop the

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My Health Record – Update

My Health Record is designed to be a repository of your health information overtime, a way to share health information with healthcare providers in a way that is fully controlled by the individual through a secure online platform.

In July, WCHM was invited to an information session held by the Australian Digital Health Agency regarding the roll out of My … Read more