On 15 November WCHM launched its new website – Borderline in the ACT. The website originated from the recommendations from a WCHM research report in 2016 which had investigated the lived experiences of women who had been diagnosed or labelled with BPD in the ACT and the experiences of service providers who helped and supported them. Research internationally has demonstrated that BPD is one of the most misunderstood and stigmatised mental illnesses, and that this stigma exists predominantly amongst mental health and health professionals. Given that women make up the majority of people living with this diagnosis or label, women bear the brunt of stigma, and any broader systemic issues that affect access to services equipped to work effectively with the complex issues and distress associated with BPD.

One of the key recommendations from the Report was:

That WCHM, in conjunction with other appropriate key stakeholders work to identify opportunities to:

  1. Develop a resource that allow women and service providers to identify local services that can assist in the recovery from BPD; and
  2. Develop information that assists women, service providers and other individuals in a woman’s life understand BPD.

The new website will provide access to resources and information about Borderline Personality Disorder in the ACT to assist women living with BPD and their supporters, and also for service providers.