woman sitting with her head down on a bust stop bench in the dark

WCHM is continuing to conduct bus stop safety audits this month which were based on responses to a bus stop safety survey that we conducted. The survey was open for a month and we received 144 responses. Seventy seven bus stops were identified where people felt unsafe. An additional 12 responses reported feeling unsafe with bus services because of issues like changed timetables. Thank you to all those who participated.

Respondents told us (mostly women) that they felt unsafe accessing their bus stop due to poor lighting, and longer distances to walk to the bus stop in the dark was also a safety concern. Personal safety, feelings of vulnerability, being isolated, and worry about the threat of unwanted attention from people they felt threatened were other concerns highlighted by respondents.

An example of a response was “I can’t use this stop anymore since the 3 was cancelled so I had to walk across the ANU campus in the dark for 15-20 minutes to get to the ANU stop at Unilodge. I often study late at the research school of earth sciences …… So now in the wintertime I have to drive everyday when before I would bus everyday.”

We look forward to presenting the results of the survey and bus stop safety audits to Transport Minister Chris Steel in the near future.