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COVID-19: Advice and information for pregnant women

Canberra Health Services has developed some specific information for pregnant women in the ACT. The information sheets provide information about your pregnancy and birthing during COVID-19,  and advice about protecting yourself during COVID-19. Find them below.

COVID-19 Information for pregnant women FINAL

COVID-19 Advice for pregnant women

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COVID-19 Pregnancy and Early Parenting Support Helpline

In response to COVID-19, Canberra Health Services has set up a new support line to help Canberra families. Families can call the Pregnancy and Early Parenting Support line on 5124 1775 for enquiries and support about pregnancy, early parenting concerns, child and family health, physiotherapy and nutrition services.

COVID-19 Pregnancy and Early Parenting Support


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New phone support line for Older Australians and their Families

Australia has changed a lot for Older Australians. Many new challenges have arisen, and coronavirus – or COVID 19 – is causing fear and confusion within the community. The Older Person’s COVID-19 Support Line has now commenced supported by funding from the Australian Government. Older Australians, their friends, relatives and supporters can call 1800 171 866 for any information or … Read more

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21st-century Grandmothers

COVID-19 has meant that – in many cases – we are limited in our contact with our grandparents and much of the media focus has been on the fragility of older people in aged care homes.  But an essay by Gillian Triggs (academic and former president of the Australian Human Rights Commission) reminds us that today’s generation of grandmothers grew … Read more

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Specialised gender-focused committees matter more than ever

There are many gender implications from COVID-19 and there is a high risk that the gender gap could get even wider post COVID-19. This blog on Broad Agenda by Marian Sawer AO (an emeritus professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University) highlights that in an era of coronavirus, policy decisions are being taken … Read more

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Whose job gets priority?

Virginia Haussegger is chair of the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation at the University of Canberra, and expresses her frustration in this article about decisions being made in the COVID-19 space.  She raises the issue of when a couple is deciding ‘who will do the lion’s share of home schooling and child caring during this stressful home isolation time, when both … Read more

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How much we value women’s work, and how little we pay for it

This article discusses the issue that even if schools and childcare centres remain open, many families will decide to care for the children at home. For many women in these families, that won’t help to remove the stressful daily juggle between time in paid work and time in care. It will move it to the home, under more trying and … Read more

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What does unpaid work at home look like during a pandemic?

The global coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life, and many people have had to make changes to their paid work arrangements.  Traditionally, women have been doing a major share of the domestic work in Australia. But what does the division of labour look like in families when most people are either working or studying from home?

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Personalities and coping with COVID-19

This article focuses on how generalisations about how the COVID-19 lockdown will affect us overlook the fact that people have different personalities, – which means we all respond in different ways to this changing situation.

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