Supporting Women With Disabilities ACT

WCHM auspiced and supported WWDACT over 7 years with the aim of assisting them to grow their membership and to build their capacity.

As of May 1st 2017. WWDACT began it’s next phase as an independent incorporated organisation in their own right. They are now located in Civic inside the offices of Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT), and … Read more

Supporting the ACT Women and Prisons (WAP) Group

The ACT Women And Prisons Group (WAP) operated from 2005 with  the aim of highlighting the issues for women prisoners—a largely invisible group. As a not for profit community group their members included ex-prisoners and prisoners incarcerated or involved in the ACT criminal justice system, representatives of various ACT Women’s Services and other interested stakeholders.

WAP aimed to advocate with, … Read more

Respectful Reporting on violence against Women: Guidelines for ACT Media (2014)

WCHM received funding in the 2013-14 ACT Women’s Grants round to develop a set of tools to support ACT media to report more accurately, appropriately and respectfully on violence against women. The project developed out of conversations hosted at the Partners in Prevention lunch 2012, at which a media table explored how they could contribute towards creating a community that … Read more

Second anniversary of the national apology to the Forgotten Australians (2011)

On November 16 2011 WCHM supported the Forgotten Australians to hold an event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of what was a very emotional and significant event—the Apology by the Australian Parliament to the Forgotten Australians. The event was also supported by Woden Community Services and the ACT Women And Prisons (WAP) group.

At 11am on Monday 16 November 2009, … Read more

Inclusion and awareness training for ACT women’s services (2011)

In 2011 WCHM received funding through an ACT Health Promotion grant to deliver a project in partnership with Advocacy for Inclusion and Women With Disabilities ACT. The project aimed to deliver four training sessions to ACT domestic violence services and disability sector organisations about the needs of women with disabilities escaping violence.

The need for this project emerged out of … Read more