Assistance Beyond Crisis

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Women’s Safety Assessments

A women’s safety assessment is a process that involves women walking through a physical environment, evaluating how safe it feels, identifying ways to make the space safer, and using that feedback to highlight the need for those changes. It may involve assessment of a site before an event or self-assessment by attendees during an event, or the assessment of public … Read more

ACT Women and Mental Health Working Group (WMHWG)

The ACT Women and Mental Health Working Group (WMHWG) has been meeting since August 2007 and was formed to provide a regular forum in which women living with mental health issues and supportive service providers could come together and consider current issues. The group also develops and implements strategies to influence positive change.

The WMHWG meets bi-monthly and has a … Read more

LGBTIQ FDV resource development (2016)

LGBTIQ FDV resource development

In September 2015 WCHM released a report entitled Transforming domestic violence support in the ACT: improving accessibility for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) clients. We aimed to address some of the recommendations from this report by producing resources aimed at increasing awareness and understanding in the ACT about family and domestic violence … Read more

Interactive digital mapping project (2016)

To provide equal access to public resources and spaces, urban design and policy needs to incorporate the needs of men and women equally—including considering the perceptions of safety that impact on women’s and men’s use of public spaces. WCHM received funding from the ACT Women’s Grants to undertake a project that aimed to create a digital mapping tool which will … Read more

empower: Leadership training for multicultural and mature women (2011)

In 2011 WCHM received funding from the ACT Office for Women to deliver empower—a leadership training program tailored to the needs of older women and women from multicultural backgrounds.

empower aimed to give women from these groups the skills, knowledge, and confidence they needed in order to take up community leadership and decision-making positions. In particular, … Read more

Older women’s safety audits (2011)

In 2011 WCHM undertook a project with older women conducting several safety audits of public spaces around the ACT. The purpose of this project was to mobilise older women in the ACT to discuss their safety concerns and come up with ideas about how to make public spaces safer and thus more frequently used by older women. In developing the … Read more

Cultural awareness training (2009)

This was a unique project based on the lived experiences of the refugee women from the Southern Sudanese and Burmese Mon communities, who went on to deliver culture and gender-sensitive information to ACT service providers. The training gave ACT service providers an opportunity to listen to the lived experiences of women, and through this develop more culturally sensitive ways of … Read more

Making safe connections project (2009)

Making Safe Connections was a joint project between WCHM, Beryl Women’s Inc and the YWCA Housing Support Unit, with assistance from Disability ACT’s Innovation Grants Program. The project piloted a facilitated support group for women who were isolated due to long term domestic violence and abuse. The facilitators provided mentoring to the women on parenting issues arising from having lived … Read more