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The Year in Review for WCHM

What a year 2018 has been for WCHM. It has seen us launch 5 of our research reports (plus another due out this week) which shared the voices and view of women, participate in and host many events, work with a wide range of stakeholders and Government across the social determinants of health, and engage with media on a range … Read more

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New WCHM Report

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Misconceptions of the Centrelink struggle from a woman’s perspective

We often hear disparaging comments made to and about people who need to rely on Centrelink payments to live. There is also an idea that those who do rely on Centrelink have their needs met, or more, experience an easy living. There is a special stigmatisation of single parent households receiving assistance, and research shows that the majority of single … Read more

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People with eating disorders to get more Medicare-funded treatment

WCHM welcomed the announcement on 9th December by Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, of an amendment to the Medicare Benefits Scheme to improve access and affordability of eating disorders treatment across Australia. That is because in 2018 the Butterfly Foundation conducted research about the cost of eating disorders treatment in Australia which showed that … Read more

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Justice Reinvestment in the ACT

Last week Marcia and Pip participated in the “Building Communities Not Prisons” conference, which was hosted jointly by the ACT Government, ACTCOSS, the Australian National University and KPMG. We heard from people involved in justice reinvestment programs and in changes to the justice system in the USA, New Zealand, and across Australia and participated in workshops with others from government, … Read more

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New Coordinator General for Mental Health and Wellbeing

The new Coordinator-General for the ACT Office of Mental Health, Dr Elizabeth Moore, commenced on 3 December. Dr Moore has been a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists for over 25 years and has worked in both public and private hospital and community settings. In addition, Dr Moore has held clinical and administrative positions in … Read more

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Multicultural Summit

The CEO attended the ACT Multicultural Summit in late November which included 150 community leaders from a broad range of multicultural communities, service providers and government officials.   The summit will inform a second multicultural action plan for 2019-20. The key themes for discussion were “Canberra—A city where diversity is valued”, “Canberra—A city where everyone belongs”, “Canberra—A healthy and accessible city” … Read more

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OECD Jobs Strategy shows Australia’s underemployment and gender pay gap worse than OECD average

The new OECD Jobs Strategy was launched on 4 December and provides detailed policy recommendations across a broad range of policy areas. The new comparison has found that Australia’s gender pay gap and rate of underemployment is worse than the average for developed nations. Find the report here.… Read more

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Women’s health advice from Jean Hailes

How to stay healthy this holiday season

(Published with permission of Jean Hailes) 

The ‘silly season’ is almost upon us, so now’s the time to plant the seeds of good health: how will you keep your health in the picture these holidays?

We asked women who work at Jean Hailes how they’re planning to stay healthy over the break. Here’s … Read more