The final report from our analysis of our COVID survey of ACT women is almost fully complete and ready to be launched. And WCHM has been invited to appear as a witness in the virtual public hearing by the ACT’s Select Committee on the Covid-19 Pandemic Response on Thursday 9 July 2020 to share the results.  We were also pleased … Read more

Plans for ACT’s COVID Recovery

The ACT Government has released their plans for long term recovery post COVID. The Community Recovery Roadmap  and the Economic Recovery Roadmap both of which outline the ACT Government’s response to the pandemic so far and also identifies their plans for longer term recovery. The Government has also indicated it will use the ACT Wellbeing Framework (released in March this … Read more

Coming out of COVID

A new report by the Grattan Institute highlights that reopening shops, schools, and workplaces heightens the risk of new infections, especially if people think the threat is over and ignore social distancing rules. And that workplaces are particularly high risk and should be re-opened slowly, with as many people as possible continuing to work from home to minimise the potential … Read more

Release of Report of the Inquiry into Maternity Services in the ACT

WCHM was pleased to see the release of the report from Inquiry into Maternity Services in the ACT, which is consistent with WCHM’s submission and evidence at the Inquiry which were informed by what we had heard from our research with women in the ACT.  The report recognised that no matter the circumstances of each woman’s life, maternity services … Read more

Home birthing to be provided to more Canberra women after successful trial

Eligible ACT women will be able to give birth at home through a publicly funded service after an evaluation of a two-year trial found ACT Health could safely meet the demand for another birthing option in Canberra.

The RiotACT article: ACT to set up homebirth program after trial’s successRead more

Sexual harassment

Back in early March, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins delivered 55 recommendations following a massive inquiry into workplace sexual harassment in Australia.  Now we have the Heydon allegations.

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COVID Impacts on women

The impacts of COVID-19 on women are now starting to be better known. Below are a range of articles that have emerged on the issue.

Female work has been more heavily impacted than male work

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