Women’s Use of Health Services

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Woman's hand holding an iPhone in front of a laptop

Using digital technologies for health

Do you use apps on your phone or tablet, websites, social media, or online searches to find information about, or help manage, health and medical issues?

Women’s Centre for Health Matters are hosting discussion groups from March to June 2017 for women in the following groups:

  1. 18-25 year old women
  2. Women with babies and young children under 5 years
  3. Women
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Women’s Health Utilisation Survey

From May to July, 2016, WCHM conducted a community consultation survey around women’s health utilisation. This was an opportunity for women to share their voices and let us know what is working and not working for them when seeking to maintain good health. The survey was open to women aged 16 and over, who live and work in the ACT.… Read more

Young women with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT

This is a scoping project to help identify the degree to which information, services and support are relevant to younger women living with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT and whether there is a need for further research.

This project aims to gather insight and understanding into:

  • Young women’s knowledge and experience of pre-existing local programs, courses and services which are
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Women’s views on maternal healthcare in the ACT (2016)

With many years having passed since WCHM last explored ACT women’s experiences of maternal care and a lot having changed in that time, WCHM has now released the Women and Maternal Care in the ACT Consultation Report based on women’s stories about pregnancy, birth and post-birth care in the ACT.

The findings of this report highlight several areas of future … Read more

Women’s experiences of help-seeking for DV in the ACT (2016)

This research sought to explore women’s experiences of seeking help for domestic violence (DV) in the ACT.

Here is a video marking the launch of the report into the research findings:

Seventeen women participated in the research via in-depth interviews or a focus group discussion.

The results of this study add depth of understanding to women’s lived experience of seeking … Read more

Women and borderline personality disorder (BPD) in the ACT (2016)

This research investigated the experiences of women with lived experiences of being diagnosed or labelled with BPD in the ACT and the experiences of service providers who helped and supported them.  The findings of this report highlight several areas of future work that we hope will assist in helping the ACT Government, health service providers and the range of other … Read more

Women of Canberra: Photographic documentary project (2015)

Women of Canberra is an online photographic and narrative documentary about the women who call Canberra home. It is inspired by the phenomenal Humans of New York.

Women of Canberra was a community arts project that aimed to explore the diversity and experiences of women in the Canberra community. We wanted to delve into the joys, hopes and fears … Read more

Transforming domestic violence support in the ACT (2015)

WCHM received an ACT Women’s Grant to undertake research into gaps in service provision for LGBTIQ people experiencing domestic violence in the ACT. While LGBTIQ people experience high rates of interpersonal violence, anecdotal reports suggest that domestic violence services are not always set up in ways that best support their needs. This project brought together ACT domestic violence service providers, … Read more