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WCHM Quarterly February 2017

Welcome to 2017. It is already February and what a year it has been already with so much going on overseas, nationally and locally in the ACT. In this quarterly we will take a look at these and what they mean for women, and what they mean for WCHM’s work.

Since our last Quarterly we’ve been very busy, so in … Read more

WCHM Quarterly October 2016

Spring has arrived. As we witness the unfurling of fresh blossoms, see the re-emergence of the sun (and some rain), a sense of positivity begins to grow in some of us because spring is a time for renewal and fresh beginnings. Spring is a time of hope.   But not for everyone – in the ACT we see a growing gap

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WCHM Quarterly June 2016

The year is rapidly zooming pass.  It’s astonishing that we are already in the middle of it. And amazing how time can fly. How fleeting time is often becomes more pronounced when one becomes a parent.  Children appear to grow so fast.  Being a parent can be simultaneously rewarding and challenging.  In this quarterly, WCHM takes a look at motherhood … Read more

WCHM Quarterly March 2016

It would seem 2016 is off to a flying start. WCHM has been busy this quarter with a range of activities, much of which has been focussed on celebrations for International Women’s Day 2016. However, 2016 is also an election year for Australia and the ACT. In this quarterly we are looking at affordable and accessible housing as this is … Read more

WCHM Quarterly December 2015

As readers may recall from this time last year, the team at WCHM like to reflect on Christmas and how women’s experiences of this time are influenced by the issues that we explore and advocate on throughout the year. The festive season exists in our social imagination as a time of magic, peace, family, enjoyment and frantic commercial activity. But … Read more

WCHM Quarterly September 2015

Today (September 28) is the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. The call to action for this year’s Global Day is to #busthemyths that still dog this essential health service. Myths such as that abortion is dangerous cloud abortion in stigma despite having been comprehensively disproved. Many wouldn’t think of the ACT as a … Read more

WCHM Quarterly June 2015

Earlier this year WCHM was pleased to host University of Canberra student Amy Brown as part of her Bachelor of Public Health. Amy made a valuable contribution to the Centre’s work in her short time here, and we are showcasing part of that contribution in this edition of the Quarterly. In the feature article Amy has explored her interest in

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WCHM Quarterly March 2015

March is endometriosis awareness month, a disease estimated to impact 1 in 10 women worldwide. Like other chronic illnesses impacting on women, endometriosis has impacts upon all dimensions of women’s lives: body image; relationships with lovers, family and friends; work, study, and leisure; and future planning. And with it hidden inside our bodies, and underneath misunderstandings about menstruation, the pain

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WCHM Quarterly December 2014

As the festive season is upon us we wanted to take the time to reflect upon it, and on women’s experiences of it in particular. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest. Marcia and the team wish you a rejuvenating and non-laborious holiday season. May it be filled with plenty of time to do whatever it is that you

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