On 26th August, WCHM and ACT Corrective Services jointly held a small event for the women in the Alexander Maconachie Centre in the leadup to Women’s Health Week 2019. A small group of guests joined us and the women, including the health ACT’s Health Services Commissioner (Karen Toohey), the Deputy Inspector, Office of the ACT Inspector of Correctional Services (Rebecca Minty), Official Visitor (Denise Brasser), and representatives from women’s services.
The event showcased art works done by the women detainees which were based on a theme decided by them – ‘My health and wellbeing: what brings me peace’. At the event, WCHM also provided women’s health information and material for the women detainees and attendees.
It was a fun afternoon for everyone, and we were all very impressed with the artworks produced by all the women. And we enjoyed an afternoon tea provided by the AMC’s bakery and kitchen.