Charter of Rights for Victims of crime in the ACT

The ACT is developing a Charter of Rights for Victims of Crime so that more support is provided to people in the justice system to reduce ongoing trauma. The Charter of Rights for Victims of Crime will ensure that their rights are upheld at a time that can be very traumatic. The Charter’s aim is to ensure that victims of crime receive consistent and respectful treatment in the criminal justice system, and will work to ensure that any further trauma is avoided.

Your feedback is invited to develop the Charter of Rights for Victims of Crime and to help identify potential models for providing greater support to victims during the justice process. Insights about the experiences of victims will help to identify ways to improve access to information and participation in justice processes. By advising what practical and legal barriers or challenges exist, the ACT can consider what system-wide initiatives could better support victims to access their rights and ensure justice agencies can support them.

The Government is seeking feedback on three key issues as part of its consultation of a Charter of Rights for Victims of Crime:

  • How information could be provided in an accurate and timely way to victims of crime about justice processes and their case;
  •  What other opportunities exist for victims of crime to participate in the justice process;
  • What appropriate complaint management, remedy and oversight mechanisms are required for victims of crime.

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