Cultural awareness training (2009)

This was a unique project based on the lived experiences of the refugee women from the Southern Sudanese and Burmese Mon communities, who went on to deliver culture and gender-sensitive information to ACT service providers. The training gave ACT service providers an opportunity to listen to the lived experiences of women, and through this develop more culturally sensitive ways of working with and engaging these communities.

The training sessions covered four key areas:

  • Culture—country of origin, ethnic diversity, religion, social and traditional family structures, health and education
  • Conflict—The political conflict that led to the community leaving their homelands
  • Camps—Life in the refugee camps
  • Canberra—Their experiences of the community in Canberra, and the resettlement considerations and challenges including language and communication, health, and issues affecting access to community services, education and employment

Meeting the communities growing expectations and being responsive to changing community needs is a challenge for all community services and government agencies. This project aimed to assist services in evolving to meet the needs of the newest members of our community. Funding for this project was provided by CIT under a Community Skills/Training Support Grant.