Exercise Right Week

As women, movement is crucial for maintaining our health, and we know from our recent survey that a significant number of women in the ACT indicated that they had concerns about the impact of COVID-19 and self-isolation on their ability to maintain regular physical activity (39.8%).

May 25-31 is Exercise Right Week, and the theme for this year is “Movement is Medicine“.  This week aims to highlight how powerful exercise, physical activity and movement are for our physical and mental health and that exercise is for everyone, regardless of our age, weight, background or health status.

Movement is Medicine is a great way to view physical activity. WCHM knows from our research that campaigns that focus on the enjoyment of being physically active are a big motivator for women in the ACT, and that ACT women value the health benefits of physical activity and healthy eating because they help them get through the day and live a long, healthy life. See our report here.

So during this Exercise Right Week as COVID-19 restrictions are easing in the ACT, try finding the things that you like to do and that make you move.  Exercise can help to prevent and manage a range of women’s health conditions so if you are interested in reading some useful articles and exercise tips, visit the Exercise Right website here.

Have a look at the Exercise Right website or visit the Exercise Right Week campaign to see all their information.

And to read our research report, “Physical Activity And Healthy Eating Promotion To ACT Women”, visit our website.