Photo art of woman's stomach with red dots all over it

Expression in Photoart Workshop

An invitation for women with chronic disease to express themselves through photoart

Art is a creative and expressive medium

Art can explore ideas and feelings that are hidden or difficult to see.

Art can say things that cannot be said with words.

For these reasons, art can be a way to explore difficult experiences such as the impacts of chronic illness and pain on daily living. During this workshop, women will learn how to use digital art photography to convey the ideas of self and impacts of illness.

This free one-day workshop will be held on, 20th of November. Register your interest by emailing or phoning the Women’s Centre for Health Matters. There are limited spaces available. An example of the difference between an original photo and a finished artwork is below:

With support from the Women’s Centre for Health Matters. This workshop will be run by Margaret Kalms.

Please RSVP to