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Future of Health Report

The CSIRO has launched a new report Future of Health – Shifting Australia’s focus from illness treatment to health and wellbeing management.

The report highlights that despite ranking among the heathiest people in the world. Australians spent an average of 11 years in ill health – the highest among OECD countries. Clinical care was reported to influence only 20 per cent of a person’s life expectancy and quality of life, with the remaining 80 per cent relying on external factors such as behaviour, social and economic support, and the physical environment.

The report provides a list of recommendations for improving the health of Australians over the next 15 years, focussed around five central themes: empowering people, addressing health inequity, supporting integrated and precision health solutions, unlocking the value of digitised data, and integrating with the global sector.

The Future of Health Report is available here.