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GPs able to prescribe abortion drugs in ACT from 1 July

Women’s Centre for Health Matters welcomes the news that from 1 July, trained and registered GPs in Canberra will be able to prescribe medical termination of pregnancy medication. It means that women in the ACT who need to access this healthcare procedure can do so with their choice of GP, and can choose where and when they take the medication.

Prior to this, termination could only be carried out by medical practitioners at an approved clinic. This meant that women in the ACT could only seek termination at the Marie Stopes clinic, at a cost of about $500.

GPs who wish to be able to prescribe for medical abortion must undergo training before they can do so. Training for GPs in Canberra who want to become prescribers has taken place in the leadup to 1 July , with 30 GPs signed up for the training. It is entirely voluntary for GPs whether or not they choose to become prescribers for medical abortion. Read more here.