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High Court’s decision to uphold safe access zones laws!

WCHM was pleased to hear the news that the High Court had rejected the legal challenge against laws that ban protesters from harassing patients and staff outside abortion clinics in Victoria and Tasmania.

This means that the High Court has confirmed that women have the right to access abortion clinics safely, without being accosted and intimidated by strangers, and that safe access zone laws, which prohibit harassment outside abortion clinics, are here to stay. Please find The Age article here.

The court’s decision does not undermine the right to protest, but instead confirms that the right to access healthcare without being psychologically harmed or fearing for your safety and privacy is a fundamental human right. And that the right to protest does not overtake the right to being able to access a health service without harassment. Please find a relevant Canberra Times article here.

Also, please find this interesting article, “I’m a Christian doctor and I help women have abortions. Here’s how I reconcile that”, that shows despite ones personal feelings regarding abortion, one can see the value and importance of the service for women’s health.