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During this isolation/quarantine period, many are experiencing a shortage of supplies in their local shops and markets making cooking options limited. Some may also be struggling with finding recipes or cooking with things they are unaccustomed to cooking with regularly. WCHM has complied a list of articles that can be used as a resource to help with recipes, good nutrition and ideas in general around cooking and eating well during this time.

Recipes using pantry staples like pasta, beans, rice, potatoes

How to keep your gut microbiome healthy  to fight COVID-19

How you can boost your immune system to help fight coronavirus

Cooking in isolation

Self-isolation suppers: easy meals from the pantry, fridge and freezer 

Food safety, nutrition and wellness during COVID-19

Healthy DIY food & medicine making resources:

·         Apple scrap vinegar recipe – make healthy vinegar from apple scraps, sugar and water

·         Making simple sauerkraut, from whatever greens you’ve got – like it says – simple, cheap, quick, nutritious

·         Sneaky sourdough recipe – the basics, to get you started

·         No-knead bread recipe – the classic – uses just a pinch of dried yeast

·         Fermented drinks – tibicos & jun -simple scoby-based drinks packed with probiotics

·         Fish head terrine – super cheap, very tasty and good for you too.

·         Fermented carrot sticks – easiest/cheapest probiotic recipe ever – carrots, salt, and a few days of waiting

·         Fire Tonic recipe – ginger, acv, turmeric – kitchen staples made badass

·         184 wartime recipes – super cheap and most of these look great (maybe avoid the spam ones?).