Invitation to participate in pilot workshops on contraceptive choices for young women with disability


True, in partnership with Family Planning Victoria, Family Planning Tasmania and Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT, is developing a training package and suite of resources specific to work with women and girls with disability who request access to contraceptive choices.

The resources suite will provide online and offline materials that practitioners and educators can use in one-on-one or small group settings to discuss contraceptive choices with girls and women with disability. The focus will be on young women, aged between 15-25, with cerebral palsy and/or intellectual disability.

Women and girls with disability require tailored, safe, healthy and informed access to contraceptive choices. Women and girls with disability experience high rates of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. This project will provide accurate and useful resources to empower women and girls to reclaim agency, enhance reproductive autonomy and increase access to contraceptive choices.

The resources will include topics such as:

  • Contraceptives and how they work
  • Different types of relationships, and what consent looks like
  • Sexually transmitted infections and prevention
  • Pregnancy options
  • Sexual health checks
  • Human rights, sexuality, pregnancy and parenting

 Pilot workshops

Pilot workshops will be held with young women with disability to ensure that the content and design of the resources meets their needs. They will occur across Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT in both urban and regional locations. It is planned that the workshops will occur between April and May in 2018.

The information collected in the pilot workshops will inform the finalisation of the resources to be launched in June 2018. The low literacy, visual resources will be finalised and made available through family planning organisations.

For more information and to book a place in these pilot workshops:

Please contact:

Patricia Jones

Manager, Education, Health Promotion and Training, SHFPACT

Phone: 02 6247 3077