Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Week

Next week is Women’s Health Week (3-7 September), which aims to get women thinking about their health and how to best take care of it.  An important part of staying well is regular health checks.

Check out the Jean Hailes illustrated e-Booklet which is a guide to the different health checks required through the journey of life.

And look out for the following daily information during the week which will be shared on WCHM’s Facebook site.

Monday: Silent conditions Find out about the ‘silent’ women’s health topics.

Tuesday: Happier hormones Find out about hormonal health and healthy choices to support your hormones.

Wednesday: Mental wellbeing Learn how to protect your mental health, how to be kinder and gentler on yourself and make positive changes that last

Thursday: Pelvic power Every woman needs to be exercising her pelvic floor muscles, but today you’ll learn why it’s equally important to be able to release and relax them.

Friday: Wired and tired Women are often juggling many roles in life, and alongside all the responsibilities, feelings of fatigue and exhaustion are common. Learn how to gain – rather than drain – energy.

Click here to see Jean Hailes illustrated e-Booklet