Welcome to the July newsletter.

WCHM has had a very busy month in July finalising several of our projects and research reports, and WCHM staff have been involved representing the issues for ACT women in several workshops and consultations. We are also starting up several new pieces of work for 2019-20. And Emma, our Deputy CEO, has been working offline as WCHM’s representative on a codesign team for the 2nd implementation Plan for the ACT Women’s Plan.

And it is only 6 weeks to go till the 2019 Women’s Health Week when we will be hosting an event and sharing a range of information from Jean Hailes for Women’s Health with you.

Don’t forget that now is the time to renew your membership with the Women’s Centre for Health Matters for 2019-20, or decide to join up. Membership is free and all you need to do is complete and submit the 2019-20 Membership Form. The form is available online to download from WCHM’s website, or you can use the online fillable form to renew, or start, your WCHM membership. Just go here.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter – and look forward to your continued support during 2019-20.

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WCHM’s Work

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