Launch of Second Action Plan 2020-22 for ACT Women’s Plan

On 5 March the Second Action Plan 2020-22  Equity Together – was launched at  an International Women’s Day event.

 WCHM was involved in a codesign process which conduct a context analysis to inform the Plan, and also participated in the Women’s Summit.

So we are pleased to see some key actions in the Plan which respond to specific issues we have been advocating about, especially:

  • The development and implementation of gender sensitive design principles for public-urban spaces and infrastructure and transport infrastructure projects;
  • Enhancing support for women in prison, including the Development of a Women’s Offender Framework which will inform gender responsive interventions, services and activities;
  • Improving the response for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women living with domestic and family violence; through community led co-design of family-centred supports;
  • Improved data, research and information collection inform more gender-responsive policy, programs and services; and
  • Improved gender analysis of ACT services, programs and policies.

You can read the Action Plan here.