Well May is wrapping up and autumn is drawing to a close with winter weather already being felt in Canberra. May was a busy month with the elections completed and a Coalition Government re-elected. WCHM has released a new report, ‘What ACT women value in women health services‘ and will be launching another in a few weeks. The 2019-20 workplan has been finalised  and we would like to thank all of those who provided feedback; the information shared with us has helped inform the work we will undertake in the coming year.

In this newsletter we have included some reports that have been recently released, the findings from the National Community Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women (NCAS) and the results from the 2016 ABS Personal Safety Survey. The reports reaffirm the need to maintain ongoing dialogue regarding women’s health and safety in our communities, in particular, to affect a change in attitudes towards what constitutes violence against women and its impact on perceptions of gender equality.

We hope you enjoy reading this month’s newsletter!

Nurse standing in hospital space
a women wearing a tshirt
woman holding her hand in a stop position
Woman looking in a mirror