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Misconceptions of the Centrelink struggle from a woman’s perspective

We often hear disparaging comments made to and about people who need to rely on Centrelink payments to live. There is also an idea that those who do rely on Centrelink have their needs met, or more, experience an easy living. There is a special stigmatisation of single parent households receiving assistance, and research shows that the majority of single parent households are those held by women. A quote from the attached article sums up one experience of a women using Centrelink, “the stigmatisation I experience and sense of shame I am often made to feel is felt by many Centrelink recipients, and it appears to stem from a misconception of affordability of living while receiving assistance… How many other people, I wondered, truly don’t understand the Centrelink struggle? How many people believe that recipients of assistance have it easy and are just ‘bludgers’?”. The article plainly describes the reality and struggle of having to use government assistance, and the difficulty that may bring especially at this time of year.

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