woman with head on her hand looking troubled

This month WCHM released a new report – Below the surface.   This report is a follow-up to WCHM’s 2018 report Hidden disadvantage among women in the ACT which was about ACT women in low income households (equivalised household income of less than $500 per week).

Because we know that women experiencing economic difficulty in the ACT are not confined solely to the lowest income households, this new report explored the findings for women living in middle income households in the ACT, and their potential area of disadvantage, because these may be hidden.

This report found that 46.4 per cent of those women were likely to be reliant on the income of parents or partners to remain in that income category, and that women living in middle income households in the ACT are at risk of homelessness if they experience a relationship breakdown, loss of employment for the higher income earner in the household, loss of security of tenure on their rented home, or death of the higher income earner in their household.

You can find a link to the report here.