This month WCHM has released a new website which can be found at . The content was developed in collaboration with our partners, Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT who are sexual and reproductive health experts, and was informed by discussions with young people, local youth focussed services and the Youth Advisory Council of the ACT.

This website builds on the results of WCHM local research, which found that it was hard for young women (and young men) and their parents to find trusted and local links about sexual and reproductive health (including contraception, STI prevention and treatment, and abortion), what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy, realistic expectations about sex, the safe use of technology, normal body image, what consent looks like, and where to go for reliable trusted advice and support (local ACT services and trusted online information).

The website provides easy local access to a range of reputable and trusted information sources and resources that are targeted to younger people, and uses a range of technology and methods used by younger people (including animations, images, clips etc) to spark their interest.

We will be adding more material and adjusting the content as we receive feedback about the website.